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Falcon 360 Laser Battle

Get Ready to Battle in Four Dimensions!

    Midways Lanes in Vestal, New York, is the first family entertainment center in North America to offer this award winning truly immersive ride to their guests. Falcon Battle 360 Galactic Defense System combines full vertical motion with interactive laser game play. Players strap in to their Battle Pods spinning in circles and flipping around up-side down shooting lasers in all directions at their opponent’s vehicle as well as ceiling and wall targets in an attempt to score points, win the game, and save the universe. Come take our newest attraction for a spin…and an upside down flip. The future of fun is here at Midway Lanes!      



• Laser Tag $7.00

15-17 Minute Experience

• Spin Zone Bumper Cars $7.00

8-10 Minute Experience

• Falcon 360 Lazer Battle $8.00

6-8 Minute Experience

• Buy 5 get one FREE $30.00

• 3 Games of Falcon 360 Lazer Battle $20.00

• Video Game and Redemption Game Credits
     • 4 Credits................................$1.00
     • 20 Credits..............................$5.00
     • 40 Credits..............................$10.00




• Starter Package $19.95

One Spin Zone Bumper Car, One Laser Tag and 40 Credits

• Family Package $39.95
Two Spin Zone Bumper Car, Two Laser Tag

and 80 Credits

• Mega Package $45.95
     Three Spin Zone Bumper Cars, Three Laser Tag,
     Three Slices of Pizza and Three Small Sodas

• The Best Package $99.00
     Four Spin Zone Bumper Cars, Four Laser Tag,
     Four Slices of Pizza, Four Small Sodas, Four 
     Games of Open Bowling and Four Pairs of Rental Shoes

Bogo Happy Hour_Oct. 2023-01.png

1.     You must be 6 years old and 42" tall to participate in this attraction.

2.     No smoking is permitted in any area of this attraction.

3.     No food or drink is allowed in any area of this attraction.

4.     YOU MUST TIGHTEN THE LAP AND SHOULDER RESTRAINTS TIGHTLY! Tighten before           starting the ride.

5.     Secure all loose items in the storage bins provided before entering the vehicles.           The bins are located on the deck by the support legs.

6.     Shirts and shoes must be worn on this ride.

7.      Secure all long hair or loose clothing before entering the vehicle.

8.     Stay in the  vehicle at all times until prompted to exit at the end of the ride.

9.      If the vehicle malfunctions, call for a staff member to assist you.

10.    No one assumed under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be allowed to           

          participate in this attraction.

11.     This ride is not recommended for anyone with prior existing conditions

          including (but not limited to): prior neck or back problems, heart ailments,

          recent surgery, casts or broken bones, expectant mothers, or other restrictive     

          medical conditions.

12.    Those with sensitivity to flashing lights should not participate in this attraction.

13.    This is a driver-controlled attraction. You are responsible for the safe operation              of your vehicle. You will be held responsible for any injuries or damage that     

          you cause to yourself, other riders, or the equipment.

14.    Failure to comply with the safety rules will result in the termination of your ride

          without a refund. Staff and management reserves the right to remove anyone 

          they feel may threaten the safety of themselves or others.


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